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*The Old Why-Oh-Why*
by Thad Povey
as performed by The Goat Family

Going to the desert man, gonna get a mental tan
Need a Garden Eden that's bone-dry
No golden apples, honey bees, nothing that might distract me please I guess I need to wonder why-oh-why

I wonder why I wander so? I wonder where's my zocalo?
I guess its all you'se folks that's here with me
To rubberneck my wherewithal, I'll need the help of all y'all To wonder why-oh-why-oh-why-oh-why

Oh why-oh-why, oh why am I?
Oh why-oh-shy, oh why-oh-cry, oh why the sky
A mile high -- why can't be I?
In the shadow of the Man, I wonder "Why?"

Peripheral flat vision-thing makes the earlobes taste and sing A feeling you can't sell nor trade nor buy This booger in my nose is God, this spinning sphere I eas'ly trod Yet I wonder why-oh-why-oh-why

I got apostrophes on my vertebrae, they contribute to my sweat and sway I'd speak the words if they would come to me A punching bag is now my brain, take a swing - I feel no pain! Again (you guessed it) why-oh-why-oh-why?

(spoken) Now down amongst the glowing coals, I hope to find some
discount souls
And one I can afford and I might buy
And I won't need no credit card, with sweat and toil, labor hard I'll earn a new soul by the by-and-by

If ya'lls to ask what's wrong with mine, ain’t it only needing spit and
I mumble "Dust and ashes linger nigh
And prob'ly bones and death as well. A spare might keep me warm in hell And that is why-oh-why-oh-why-oh-why"

Last Chorus:
Oh why-oh-why, oh why am I?
Because I'm shy, because I cry, because the sky's
A mile high -- and so am I
In the shadow of no man, we'll find out "Why"
In the shadow of no man, we'll find out "Why...Not?"