To contact HORG, send a missive to occlupanid @ horg dot com.

The Holotypic Occlupanid Research Group is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the study, education, and preservation of a group of inanimate objects that garners little attention in our modern world. Its use in our society is ignored, and its fascinating forms and colors are underappreciated. In order to promote greater occlupanid awareness, and to introduce a comprehensive taxonomy to the scientific community, HORG was founded.

How You Can Help

Of course, we always welcome suggestions or corrections, especially those backed by voluminous amounts of impressive data. Especially charts. We could sure use some of those. Oh and new undescribed specimens. The fields of synthetic taxonomy are ever-expanding, so help out our research and add to the legacy by contacting the HORG offices with your findings!

HORG collection holdings

Identification Placards

The Graphical Outreach team at HORG is proud to offer this free print-your-own set of cut-out identifcation placards for the excitable amateur scientists out there who want to start their own collection! Each placard is sized for a standard vinyl 20-count coin pocket page, ready for your own archival grade three-ring binder that you purchase on your own without our help!