“Flat Roof”

The Planotectidae are identified by a curved oral groove flattened at the innermost edge. Currently described from a single specimen. The receipt of this specimen has resulted in rancorous and wide-ranging disputes as to its taxonomy within the Orthogonidectes. While most staff researchers were quite ready to group it under the Archignathidae and call it a night, a small vocal group excitedly declared that this was in fact a long-lost relation to the enigmatic Angulognathidae, certainly sharing at least a portion of that taxon’s unique squared-off oral groove. Within hours battle lines were drawn, email chains got nasty, and the acrid odor of dry-erase markers filled the halls due to anonymous cadres of occlupanologists surreptitiously drawing then re-drawing possible relationship trees on just about every available surface. The Board of Taxonomy quickly took action that very night to place the specimen in its own group, the Planotectidae. But to date the fires have yet to die down, each group eager to lump the errant Family into their own favored taxon.